Michael Sledge

“Some negotiation strategies put people on offense/defense, creating mistrust and slow decision cycles. Mutual Learning’s common sense framework helps us negotiate and collaborate to reach decisions with others across the organization – a lot faster, with less stress.”

Michael Sledge, Chief Financial Officer, Duke Clinical Research Institute

Kathy Council

“We used to make a decision and then change it because someone gave new information. It slowed us down. We’d been working on expensive development projects for multiple years but hadn’t finished them. Mutual Learning showed us that sharing all the information at once helped projects get done much faster. Once we learned how well the principles worked, we were sold.”

Kathy Council, Vice-President, SAS Publications Division

Sean Jordan

“Mutual Learning helps everybody on my team get it done. It’s helped us achieve our quality and financial goals. A key benefit for BioTek is that my team gets quicker resolutions with customers, due to a better understanding of pricing, expectations, and deliverables. Customers notice the difference: a sense of compassion and trust and that we want to listen.”

Sean Jordan, Service Director, BioTek Instruments, Inc.

Deborah Goodfellow

“If you use a Mutual Learning mindset to work through conflict, tension and opposing views you will get a better outcome – and you’ll also have much better working relationships. You’ll get the business done.”

Deborah Goodfellow, Director of HR Client Services, TransCanada
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Bill Collins

“I use the Mutual Learning approach every single day. I use it in writing and speaking. I have used it with CEOs of major organizations like GE and American Airlines. It’s my competitive advantage.”

Bill Collins, Vice President Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul, American Airlines Read the Case Study

Leamon Brice

“Through the Mutual Learning approach we have a group of leaders and employees who are designed to do our most critical work – in the new world today, not the way we used to do it.”

Leamon Brice, Town Manager, Town of Davidson, NC