Case studies

Jay Hennig, MOOG

An operating group of a worldwide aeronautics conglomerate increases revenue by 400%.

Here’s how Jay Hennig summarizes the value of Moog’s work with RSA: “I can show performance and I can link it to the work with RSA. I can show where this group has gone: we have had excellent growth and impressive changes in profitability – from big loser to strong contributor.”


North American energy firm uses the Mutual Learning approach to increase efficiency and effectiveness between groups.

Deborah Goodfellow sums up the benefits of the Mutual Learning approach: “You can be a more effective leadership team if you use a Mutual Learning mindset to help understand diverse views, work through the challenges and increase collaboration. You will get a better business outcome.”


How Bill Collins of American Airlines was selected to run the largest private aviation Maintenance Repair and Overhaul organization in the world.

In Bill Collins’ own words, “Here’s the biggest benefit from the Mutual Learning approach: It gives you the ability to correct what’s wrong in an organization in short order by asking the right questions to find out what the real problems are.”