Smart Leaders, Smarter Teams®

Think more productively and act differently to get better results.

In this four-day workshop, you will learn a practical, powerful approach for improving your leadership and team effectiveness. You will learn how to get to the heart of your real work challenges and develop solutions that work.

Smart Leaders, Smarter Teams starts with the premise that how you think is how you lead. You will discover that how you think – especially in high-stakes, challenging situations – unknowingly undermines the very results you are trying to achieve. And you will learn how to shift the way you think and behave to create three results for you and your team: better performance, stronger working relationships, and positive individual well-being. You will be able to create higher-quality decisions, with shorter implementation time, that everyone can actively support.

To get the best results, attend with your team. You and your team can get on the same page and apply your new mindset and skill set to real team topics, with feedback and coaching from the workshop instructors.

This is a leadership approach you can use in almost any role or situation.

You will learn how to get:

  • Decisions that get better results
  • Decisions that team members actively support
  • Decisions that save time
  • More team accountability
  • Greater adaptability during changes
  • Increased innovation
  • Better and more productive work relationships
  • Greater individual well-being and less unproductive stress

 Who should attend?

Executives and managers who want to achieve these results with their teams.

If you would like know more about the Smart Leaders, Smarter Teams training and would like to discuss how it could benefit your team or organization, please contact us.

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