How we help your team get results

Mutual Learning = Results

When we work with your team onsite at your organization, the results happen on two levels: 

You and your team get to the heart of today’s tough challenges while you build capabilities to resolve your future challenges – those that haven’t yet emerged.

We design the right combination of services to create the results you need now and in the future. 


Is your team achieving the results you need?

In a Diagnosis session your team uses a proven model to assess what is contributing to and hindering its effectiveness.

Together, you will reach a shared view of the next steps you can take to create a more successful team. 


To get the results you need, your team may need to change performance management practices, shift roles and responsibilities, or generate new policies.

Consulting helps your team create the structures and processes needed to support a successful organization so that you avoid pitfalls that cause many change efforts to fail.


Training is an intensive experience in which you and your team change how you think and how you lead.

In a workshop, you and your team learn the Mutual Learning approach and apply your new knowledge of mindset and behaviors to make headway on significant and tough real-work challenges.


Facilitation provides real-time Mutual Learning guidance to your team while you resolve pressing business challenges. 

Your team sees how your collective mindset and behavior may be getting you stuck – in ways that may not be apparent to individuals on the team. You accomplish the business of the day and see how you might develop your ability to solve the challenges of the future.


Measurements ensure that the focus of our work achieves the results your team needs.

Do you need to maximize return on acquisition investment? Improve efficiencies that result in cost savings? Increase innovation? Retain mission-critical talent?

Quantified results demonstrate the impact of our work and how it correlates with millions of dollars in bottom line performance. 


Coaching provides one-on-one guidance in applying the Mutual Learning approach to accelerate meaningful individual and team results.

Your coach is a partner, sounding board, and guide for continuing to explore mindset and behavior changes that enable you and your team to be more effective.

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Diagnosis is a one-day in-person session with your team in which you and your team will: 

  • Use a proven team effectiveness framework to arrive at a shared view of what’s contributing to your team’s ability or inability to resolve tough challenges.
  • Consider how Mutual Learning can help you close gaps, build on your strengths and address your barriers to get the results you want and need.

You and your team will receive expert guidance to:

  • Identify the processes and structures that impact your team’s performance.
  • Determine which aspects of how you currently run your business contribute to lower decision quality, less innovation, unproductive conflict, lower commitment, and increased costs.
  • Design changes to ensure you’re not undermining your desired results.
  • Identify ways to work more effectively with processes and structures you cannot change.

You and your team will:

  • Explore a framework of values and assumptions that can change how you lead.
  • Identify ineffective actions and shift into effective behavior.
  • Use your own real work challenges – the ones you and your team have now – in practice and issue-resolving sessions. 
  • Improve your performance, your working relationships and your individual well-being.
  • Start moving from a group of highly talented, smart, and capable leaders to a team that is greater than the sum of your parts.

You and your team will:

  • Partner with an experienced Skilled Facilitator® who will use the Mutual Learning approach.
  • Recognize how your team gets stuck so that you can resolve long-standing challenges that get in the way of strong performance.
  • See real-time, during real work, new opportunities to move issues forward more effectively.

Through measurements we will:

  • Jointly identify the specific business results we will help your team achieve and create mutual accountability for reaching them.
  • Use RSA’s Team Effectiveness Survey to understand your team’s mindset and behavior.
  • Demonstrate the causal impact of Mutual Learning mindset and behaviors on your results before, during and after the project. You’ll get a comprehensive picture of where your team has made progress and where further shifts are needed to achieve your goals.

Through coaching you will:

  • More skillfully raise and resolve particularly difficult challenges. 
  • Achieve deeper insight and greater ability to use Mutual Learning in a wide range of situations to get to the heart of problems, reach effective decisions, and generate accountability and commitment to act.
  • Design new ways to measure your individual and team progress toward significant results.