Eight Behaviors for
Smarter Teams

Eight Behaviors for Smarter Teams This article by Roger Schwarz describes eight Mutual Learning behaviors and how team members can use them to increase their effectiveness.
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Hiring and Working with a
Team Facilitator

article-how-to-hire See the 8 questions you
should ask before hiring
anyone to facilitate your
leadership team!
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Articles about Mindset. Behavior. Results.®

These articles provide thoughtful, practical guidance for leaders and teams that want to be more effective.

Why Facilitators and Consultants Shouldn’t Ask Groups to Develop Their Own Ground Rules

If you’re a facilitator or group consultant, you’re not helping a group if you ask them to develop a set of ground rules for working together. Ground rules—the set of behaviors that group members agree to use in their interactions—are …

How Offering Confidentiality to Group Members Undermines the Group and Your Consulting Role — and What to Do About It

This article is adapted from the new third edition of The Skilled Facilitator: A Comprehensive Resource for Consultants, Facilitators, Coaches, and Trainers. (Jossey-Bass, 2017)

When you’re a facilitator, team coach, or other type of consultant, often clients ask you …

Is Your Team Coordinating Too Much, or Not Enough?

Effective teams don’t just happen — you design them. And two of the most important elements of that design are a.) the degree to which team members are interdependent — where they need to rely on each other to accomplish …

How Leaders Can Help Others Influence Them

Recently, I was talking with a senior leader from a world-class global learning and development company. We were discussing his firm’s approach to teaching leadership. He was talking about how to help leaders influence others. I asked him, “Do you …

Getting Teams with Different Subcultures to Collaborate

The term “organizational culture” can obscure an important truth: An organization often contains many cultures. This is true even if your organization is located entirely in one country, or even at one site.

Because each business unit or team may …

8 Ground Rules for Great Meetings

If you want your team to be effective, you need meeting ground rules — and you need agreement about how to use them. Many teams that have ground rules don’t regularly use them. But having rules in place that you …

5 Ways Meetings Get Off Track, and How to Prevent Each One

We’ve all been in frustrating meetings where one person keeps going off on tangents. If the team can’t get the person back on track, important decisions get delayed and/or the meeting drags on past the ending time. It’s one of …

What the Research Tells Us About Team Creativity and Innovation

There are areas in the research on teams where the findings are all very clear, as are the prescriptions for leaders. Creativity and innovation are not among them. We know how some factors affect creativity and innovation, but we’re …

How to Get Closure on Meeting Topics You Raise

Have you ever raised a topic in a meeting, only to have it disappear into a black hole, never to be seen again? You may have identified a problem you think needed action or asked an important question you needed …

When to Give Feedback in a Group and When to Do It One-on-One

Published on the Harvard Business Review website.

If you’re like most leaders, you’re probably reluctant to give an individual feedback in a team meeting. You’ve probably learned to praise in public and criticize in private. You may be concerned that …