Eight Behaviors for
Smarter Teams

Eight Behaviors for Smarter Teams This article by Roger Schwarz describes eight Mutual Learning behaviors and how team members can use them to increase their effectiveness.
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Hiring and Working with a
Team Facilitator

article-how-to-hire See the 8 questions you
should ask before hiring
anyone to facilitate your
leadership team!
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Articles about Mindset. Behavior. Results.®

These articles provide thoughtful, practical guidance for leaders and teams that want to be more effective.

5 Ways Meetings Get Off Track, and How to Prevent Each One

We’ve all been in frustrating meetings where one person keeps going off on tangents. If the team can’t get the person back on track, important decisions get delayed and/or the meeting drags on past the ending time. It’s one of …

What the Research Tells Us About Team Creativity and Innovation

There are areas in the research on teams where the findings are all very clear, as are the prescriptions for leaders. Creativity and innovation are not among them. We know how some factors affect creativity and innovation, but we’re …

How to Get Closure on Meeting Topics You Raise

Have you ever raised a topic in a meeting, only to have it disappear into a black hole, never to be seen again? You may have identified a problem you think needed action or asked an important question you needed …

When to Give Feedback in a Group and When to Do It One-on-One

Published on the Harvard Business Review website.

If you’re like most leaders, you’re probably reluctant to give an individual feedback in a team meeting. You’ve probably learned to praise in public and criticize in private. You may be concerned that …

How to Break Through Deadlock on Your Team

Here is my latest post, published on the Harvard Business Review website.

If your team deals with important issues and team members have strong views on those issues, you can end up in a deadlock. When that happens, people dig …

How to Design an Agenda for an Effective Meeting

Here is my latest post, published on the Harvard Business Review website. It is an expanded version of my January post and it includes an agenda example and a template you can download for effective meeting agendas. I hope you …

Make Your Meeting Agenda Work

If you are like most leadership teams I’ve seen, your meeting agendas are causing confusion instead of creating clarity. Designed well, an agenda is a tool for quickly getting everyone on the same topic, clarifying the purpose, keeping people on …

Clumsy Feedback Is a Poorly Wrapped Gift

Published on the Harvard Business Review website

People on your team offer you gifts – not just at special occasions, but all year. These gifts aren’t tangible, and they’re not wrapped up in lovely boxes with beautiful bows. These gifts …

Taking Over from an Incompetent Team Leader

Here is my latest post, published on the Harvard Business Review website.

Becoming the leader of an existing team can be challenging, but taking over from an incompetent leader is more difficult. Incompetent leaders are not only ineffective at achieving …

Dealing with Team Members Who Derail Meetings

Here is my latest post, published on the Harvard Business Review website.

What does your team do when someone takes a meeting off-track? If your team is like most, the leader says something like, “Lee, that’s not what we’re talking …