Leadership Team Facilitation

Get to the heart of challenging issues, make better decisions and generate more commitment.

If your team struggles to resolve difficult issues or make decisions that generate real commitment, a leadership team facilitator from Roger Schwarz & Associates will dramatically increase your effectiveness. We literally wrote the book on it:  The Skilled Facilitator by Roger Schwarz.

The key to successful meetings is the Mutual Learning approach, our comprehensive methodology for helping teams address and resolve their most challenging issues. Through use of the approach, we guide you to ask the right questions, clarify assumptions and generate accountability – all of which lead to better results. 

Experiencing a Skilled Facilitator® at work with your team will also provide you with insight into whether your team needs to adopt more effective ways of working together.

What’s Included

We help you and your team prepare for your meeting, plan your detailed agenda and facilitate the meeting so that you achieve the outcomes you need. 

  • In the planning stage, we help your team identify the issues that team members need to be addressed. 
  • During the meeting, we help your team understand the divergent perspectives of each team member and guide your team so you make better decisions.
  • At the end of your meeting we offer you an assessment of how your team is working well and what you can do to be more effective.

For some teams, the outcomes from a single facilitated meeting day will accomplish their business objectives and help them move forward productively.

For others, Leadership Team Facilitation becomes a jumping-off point for resolving more systemic challenges that consistently get in the way of the team operating efficiently. 

A single facilitated day gives your team a real-work way to experience how Mutual Learning works and determine if you are interested in adopting the approach as your team’s Operating System.

Please contact us  for pricing on multi-day events and retreats.

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