Smart Leaders, Smarter TeamsTM: a team introduction

See what is at the heart of team and individual effectiveness.

Get a new lens on how you and your team together can improve your performance, your working relationships, and your individual well-being. See how the way you work together influences your ability to get the results you need. Get new shared clarity about what’s going on in your team. Gain insight and get concrete recommendations about how to improve the way you work together.

In this half-day introduction, your team will:

  • Explore three important results that smarter teams create:  outstanding performance, strong working relationships, and individual well-being.
  • See why leadership teams often get stuck.
  • Examine a powerful leadership alternative that’s helped leadership teams significantly improve their results.
  • Understand how to build team commitment to the change you want to create so you move forward together.

This half-day together will help your team decide – is  this approach a right fit for you?

What’s Included

A half-day in-person session with your team takes place at your organization. One to two weeks after the session, a one-hour phone meeting with your consultant allows your team to discuss further questions, including those that may arise after the session.

 Should Participate

Your leadership team and other leaders on whom your team relies to get the results you want and need.

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